Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ahhh, Weekends

I was such a very good girl this week, and I made my writing quota.

Boyfriend is out of town this weekend, again, darn his sexy hide.

Ah, well, he has promised me much dancing to make up for this lack when he returns. I begin to suspect that I am too easily consoled. I would ask for new lingerie, but I do not wish to reward him for depriving me of his company. Yet, I do not want to make Boyfriend's pennance aversive conditioning, either.

Such a fine line, these silly, charming men, and how to handle them.

Ah! He has promised dancing. I shall request that he learn to Tango. .

Heh... Truly, it's less of a pennance than a win-win. If you've ever seen a Tango done properly you know what I mean.

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