Monday, April 30, 2007

Been Bad

I know, I've been bad, and haven't updated.

Been procrastinating worse than ever. I'm just wishing my boyfriend were in town.

'Course knowing Jeff, he just get all stern and threaten to spank me if I don't get to work.


Big incentive to apply ass to chair and fingers to keyboard, so maybe it's just as well.

I'm going to have to say if I read one more damn New Age book about Tantra, I am going to vomit. It ain't that I don't think sex is "teh kewl", I do. But these new age jokers have all the reasearch skills of a monkey on acid, I swear! Half the stuff is pure fantasy, and the other half?

Gawd, they haven't the fainest idea of the various cultures and customs of the Indian Subcontinent. They get the word "namaste" and it goes to their fuzzy little heads.

And don't get me started on Persian poetry, either.

So called "sacred sexuality" really was often thinly-veiled sex slavery. I wish they'd just read some John Norman and get over it.

Ummm.... Gor.....

Okay, I gotta stop that.

Anyone dare to to try to slip a kinky modern reference past my committe?


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